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If this is your first time here, WELCOME!  If this is a return visit, welcome back – and let’s get back to the path of success – it is all here. You are getting started and about to learn how to “REALLY” make money online.  This is only available to Enrolled Agents, and your success is guaranteed!

FOLLOW THE AGENT TRAINING (EXACTLY AS IT IS GIVEN – IN THE EXACT ORDER IT IS PRESENTED) and your Success is Waiting for you.  Skip through the training, and confusion awaits you.


getting started

START HERE!  Watch this VIDEO FIRST on how to go through the Agent Training here at 

Watch this VIDEO SECOND on how to get assigned a Staff Member for guided success in Posting Links, Blogging and making money with Social Media.  Your Agent Enrollment comes with 1 on 1 Support.  Once you complete Steps 1 and 2 below you will be ready with the basic knowledge and ready for a Staff Member to guide you through success.  The power of your Enrollment here is truly unique and we operate with you in a Win-Win scenario to build your income.

Watch this VIDEO THIRD on how to navigate through and where everything is located.


AFTER WATCHING THE 3 VIDEOS ABOVE – GO THROUGH THE FOLLOWING 3 STEPS TO GET TRAINED, GET INFORMED, GET SET UP FOR PAYMENTS DIRECTLY TO YOU, AND TO GET STARTED: (This will navigate you through getting started, and in getting your online business up, running, and if you are following us exactly, you’ll be into profits)

We will start with getting you trained in posting links. This will be the links of offers of advertisers (Companies whose products and services we are sharing with new clients for them) to take and post for potential Clients.  While we use the word link, they are actually tracking urls that allow the Advertiser (through Agencies we call Affiliate Networks) to know and pay according to the agreed action.  There are a few ways this is done, and it is important to understand them.  The main terms for payment include:

  • CPA (Cost Per Action) which is typically a Cost (Commission) Per Sale, or when a Credit Card transaction has taken place.
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) which his typically a Cost (Commission) Per Lead, or when a Prospect has completed an entry form in accordance with the Agreement for Payment as set forth by the Advertiser.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) which his typically Cost (Commission) Per Click, or when a Unique Visitor (Person) clicks on your Tracking Link. This is a guaranteed commission per click.  Though restricted to proven affiliates, look to be granted access to these upon proving your abilities to generate Actions, Leads and Sales to offers.

You will be setting up Accounts with Various Affiliate Programs.  This will get you set up to not only have access to the offers we will be teaching you how to post too; but it will establish your information with the Advertisers so you can get paid directly by them for payment.  Our Enrolled Agents have the ability to get paid weekly, monthly and in some arrangements – DAILY.  This will all be covered in the training as you go through Steps 1 and 2 here.getting started

Please go to “Posting Links” and start your training on how to post links of offers for products, services and advertising.  Here we will cover the basics, and make sure you have everything set up that you need to get started.


With the Basics out of the way, it is time to get set up with “1 on 1 Support”.  Here you will be making yourself familiar with Affiliate Programs, understanding how they work with us, and getting set for your direct payments to you for when you start earning money.  You will also be getting set up to be able to be assigned and working 1 on 1 with a Staff Member of  This is where your Agent Enrollment becomes amazing.

getting started
Please go to “1 on 1 Support” where you will continue your training on how to post links of offers for products, services and advertising.
 Here you will get set up and assigned to a Staff Member with to work with you 1-on-1 to build your Online Income with your Agent Enrollment.

You should now have an understanding on how to work with Affiliate Programs, and are set up for direct payments to you.  You should be working with a Staff Member now as well, and they will be working with you at your pace to progress you into the Success available to our Agents.  Now you are ready to get going with Blogging.  This is where your Agent Enrollment and your ability to make a serious income are really ready to begin.  We will be working with you in a 1 on 1 basis to help ensure your success.  And because of the success this creates, Rory Ricord has personally guaranteed your success.*

getting started

Please go to “Blogging” and learn how we create more and more actions through Link Posting and Blogging Techniques to promote the Advertiser Offers as well as how we get paid per click.  Your Support Staff will be guiding you through this process completely.


Should you need help along the way – Support Staff are always available for our Agents 7 days a week at either  877-843-6846 or 877-310-5353.

Support is Available Monday Through Friday from 7am to 7pm Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Support is Available on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm Mountain Standard Time (MST)


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  1. I just came on board and excited. Have missed my mentor but just created my blog, which is what i have been wanting to do and didn’t expect this opportunity to push me forward. I look forward to direction and this is exactly what I need after being furloughed.

  2. Hi Rory, WOW!! Your enthusiasm for the system you have created is inspirational.
    I look forward to the opportunity to participate with you, your team of instructors and my fellow students in what promises to be a rewarding life adventure. THANK YOU for what you do !!


  3. God surely answered my prayers once again and guided me to this outstanding online home business, and he gave me this opportunity that is absolutely perfect for me, with some background experiences of self employment in my past. I’ll look forward to the fun and growth. I’m so blessed to be on board!

  4. I just became a member and have never in my many attempts to do this had the owner welcome me like that and not ask me for more money for another program he is offering! That makes me feel like my journey is truly taking a turn for the better. I am more than ready to do this!

  5. HI, I just got the program an hour ago and yes i know it is too early to say anything about it.But after going through first part of the training and read those wonderful comments ,I had to say something.I did different online businesses in the past and truly I had never seen or heard that much word of encouragement and positive energy and most of all support team.I know for fact if i’m not succeeded this time it is because of myself and not the program .Thank you Rory for your help and the team you put together .

  6. I grew up with Rory and I can verify that when it comes to making money he has got the gift and I am Proud to be working with him as a student, friend and colleague.

  7. My husband and I come into this with great expectations. Having someone hold \our hand and take things step by step is so valuable to us OLD people. ( ages 72 and 65 ) who basically self taught what little we know about computers. We want to be able to quit our school bus driving job and get away from the drama and other issues found in school bus garages ( favoritism, lies, and more drama) I like driving a bus, but would rather be able to stay home and set my own hours, do what I want, work in my PJ’s, and see the money come in that basically replaces my meager school bus salary, or possibly even go beyond it.
    One hears all kinds of negative things about link posting, but I believe Rory has a proven track record, and people will give these opportunities negative reviews just because they haven’t been patient and given it a chance. I trust that our mentor will have the patience of Job, because we are determined to make this work!

    1. Hi Connie and Tom – I just came into this and I am very excited. I have no knowledge in post blogging, but I’m willing to learn and give it a shot. I’m scared that I am going to click on a forbidden link and the whole system will crashing. I know that’s drastic, but that how much I fear the unknown. But I’m willing to take on this challenge and make it work.

      Have a blessed evening.

  8. I feel that this line of work will make my life a little more smoother in the long run for my future. Just started last night. So amazing.

  9. I have just started this program a couple of days ago and I truly feel this time i have found a program that is not only going to show me step by step how it works, but, to grow from this learning experience and see where my new challenges in this journey takes me! I’m really excited about this opportunity and look forward to meeting you Rory Ricord giving you updates of my progress. I thank God for leading me to your website. I trust this is the right one this time. Take care and i wish all of you well in your success.

    1. Holly, thank you for posting this! And I am looking forward to your progress. You have both 1 on 1 support to monitor it, and I am often reviewing the work of the students! See you in the training!

  10. Hi Rory,
    I just got started last night and after I got off of my volunteer job this afternoon, I started to watch the videos and I can’t wait to get started on this new journey.
    I’m 62 years old and finding you has given me hope.

  11. Just signed up yesterday. Looking forward to daily honing and devoloping my skills and being able to have a much more relaxed environment . Thank you for your untiring efforts to make this possible for me and so many others.

  12. Rory I just want to say to you that GOD has given you an amazing gift and talent to become the person you are today. What’s so amazing about you is that you are giving back to others through your amazing program(s) that walks you step by step on becoming successful. I just signed up for the program last Saturday and I am so excited about my online business and I know that its going to be a success. Thank GOD for you Rory!!!

  13. I have tried several online” so called opportunities” and i’m telling everyone that the experience that I’ve had just in a week with this is outstanding! My coach answers all my questions on skype or by phone no matter what I ask or how much I talk she listens and guides me right along. I just started a week ago so I will post my progress. I’m super excited and I could not ask for a better staff or training. If you just joined I can tell you that you are in the right place. If you’re reading this Rory, I am super excited and i hope to get to speak to you at some point and thank you!

    1. Misty – that is how we do it here. Thank you… and I am sure we will speak soon… see you in the training.

    1. Jeremy, we are excited to have you on board! Keep following your Support Staff (Steve) – and let’s get you advancing and growing with us. WELCOME! -Rory

  14. I’m glad I read all of the comments, they all motivated me to push forward. Not one negative or discouraging word. I want to do this…..I can do this. Thank you.

    1. Jeannie, with the right attitude and expectations you can do ANYTHING. We support you 1 on 1 – and you have a great support Person Assigned (Kevin). Life beats us up. I created this because it WORKS, and the more people we can show this System too, the more we can help – ONE FAMILY at a time. Just wait till you talk and listen to all the successful students. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO… and WE LOVE TO HELP OTHERS TO DO THE SAME. Welcome to Internet Utopia. Be patient with yourself, be teachable, and most of all, “Know” you can do this. We’ll get you there together. -Rory

  15. I really recommend this program to anyone whatever the situation is? to make money, or extra money because of you will reach out your dreams as you follow their instructions you will not miss it its very Serious , Effective and Amazing ..I was surprised …..they have all the tools, technical support, and keys to help you succeed. I was looking for this program for a long time…..and I am so excited.. why not!!!

  16. I am new here, but as I can see, the enrichment content is on the way to building up a succesful at home bussiness at the most simple way possible and in a short time. Thanks Rori Ricord for share with us yuour valued experience.

  17. Hi Rory,
    Just signed up yesterday. Watched all the videos, can’t wait to get started to have fun and make money. Thank you.

  18. Rory,
    Thank you for the training. I love it and I am very motivated to get started. Quick question, is there anyway that you can post links in Spanish or French?

    1. Felicidad, absolutely… and there are several offers in those languages to promote. Get with my Staff… we’ll help you with this. We have some amazing worldwide offers that pay out really well!

  19. Hi Rory, I am very excited to get started!!! I have been watching videos and, I have already signed up for a posting e-mail account!! I have also contacted one of your team members. He was very nice and very helpful. Thank you for your help!!!!

  20. I looked at doing this type of work for the past 10 years. Finally, January 2016, I decided I am going to follow my passion and start with this program. I didn’t know anything about blogs, link post blogging etc but I have always liked learning about new things especially new things that could help me in life. It has been only 6 months but I have my blog built and approved and it earns money everyday of the week. That is pretty exciting but far more exciting for me is how I am realizing that my blog is a very powerful marketing tool that can be utilized in many different ways to continue to earn money. This was one of the best decisions I have made.

    1. Larry – that is exactly what I expect for all my students. Well Done. Just wait, watch it build in the days, months and years to come.

  21. Just signed up last night. Already watching videos this morning. I want to master this. It caught my eye last night so I decided to give it a go! The videos are real easy to follow so far. I look foward to making this my main job.

    1. I liked your info on every step you mentioned, it was knowageble and helped me understand the process, I can’t wait to START MY NEW LIFE and be my own BOSS!!! I recently got laid off from my job, and before that I was let go from working three years as a PLUMBER. THATS IT, I’ve had it with the working force, I want to be in control of my life and be the boss of it.

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