Advanced Programs

If you have already figured out how to POST ADS, and you are ready to step up into Affiliate Marketing even more, then you are ready for our Advanced Programs.



After you are understanding, and hopefully in a routine for posting links, we need to add in the Residual Commission Programs. This is something that not only allows you make money upon the initial sale(s) created, but you will be able to be paid on each and every order continually… some of these programs are as the Client needs more, and some are Monthly.

If you are working with a Mentor or RoryRicord.Com Staff Member, they will give you a direct link to use in order to get started with these programs.  Because of their Commission Structures, we like to reward the support by having our Students connect with their Mentor or RoryRicord.Com Staff Member directly.  If you do not yet have a Mentor or are not working with a Staff Member of RoryRicord.Com; then use the links provided below, and you will be contacted by us immediately to get you supported.  DO NOT HESITATE TO GET STARTED – these programs are designed to build fast, and to create incomes for all of our Students.  They are a FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED BASIS, so the sooner you begin, the sooner you get the gains and financial earning advantages over other Students that do hesitate, or that have not found the solution for making online .  Once you are in, you are fully entitled to support (and this is for no additional costs – we literally make our money by making you money – so be sure to work with our Staff and your Mentor).  So let’s get you working on these in the following order:

  • Moringo Organics™: Click Here This link will explain this program.  It is a residual paying program, and one that is easy to participate with.  It should be something of interest for all.  Consumable, and renewable in sales monthly.
  • Vape Inc / Click Here This is with the fast growth market of E-Cigarrettes, though it is VAPE.  This is for quitting smoking, as well as a culture of it’s own.
  • SOCIABLE: CLICK HERE This is where substantial business earnings can be had.  The World of Online Marketing, and specifically with Social Media Marketing is ever growing.  You can build a business where the experts do the work, and you are the face of the Brand.  Local Businesses are in Demand for these Services.  This is residual… and you can earn $4k (minimum) a month with only 10 Accounts.  Review this – then review it with your Mentor.
    • This is a HUGE DEMAND area of Marketing.  Where there is a Huge Demand, there is Huge Rate of Success – it is always easier to make money when you have the Supply on a Huge Demand.  -Rory Ricord


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