Blogging For Cash With Rory

Get the most out of your success with Link Post Blogging.  Be sure to watch these series and be sure to SUBSCRIBE TO RORY RICORD’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL so you can be updated and notified when new Series are released.  Each of them are tools, techniques and details on how to become even more successful with Link Post Blogging.

I will be showing you what I do step by step to be successful in Link Post Blogging.  

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Link Post Blogging works because we are offering insight and 3rd party endorsement to a product or service.  We are fulfilling the information need by a customer to be able to gain the emotional reaction to make a purchase or to pursue an interest.  Whatever your level is, you will be learning how to be better and better at Link Post Blogging as you are learning from this Series of Video Trainings.  Follow what you learn, and you’ll be in great shape!

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 1

This is where we focus on adding Content and Modifications to an Offer Page to make it “Our Own” and to grow its chances for search traffic.  KEY ITEM to know.

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 2

This is where we start on:

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 3

This is where we wrap up: and discuss how this is a niche that could go on and on with every Fast Food Restaurant, etc.

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 4

This is where we create a Political Directed page – using Donald Trump – to help gain search traffic.  See it here:

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 5

Headlines and Ad Copy are Fundamental.  A good Headline makes the Clicks Happen, a BETTER HEADLINE make more clicks happen.  Make the best use of your Link Posting with good Headlines and Ad Copy.  See Rory do it live, and see tips and tricks to get going with your own Headlines and Ad Copy for any offer.

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 6

Welcome to one of the largest offers to make money online… GAME LOOT NETWORK.  I will show you here how to add it to your Link Post Blogging site, as well as to make it link to your SITENAME with your Game Ambassador account with Game Loot Network

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 7

bloggingGet set to market your Link Post Blogging site as a Professional Social Media Marketer.  This is where you will get Professional Branded Memes and Sayings and see how to post them.  GET FULL DETAILS in your FAST TRACK or VIP TRAINING.  See your Mentor for any assistance you may need.  You need to do this… 

GO HERE to see how to post an image on Facebook

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 8

Making additional Offer Pages for Direct Cellars.  And for those that need a shorter Offer Page (Permalink/Folder Name) this will show you how to make that happen.  Because of how relevant WINE is, you want to create as many Offer Pages as you can (there is no limit to how many you want) to promote this.   SEO is powerful, and there are literally thousands upon thousands of keywords and key phrases associated with Wine to create Offer Pages around.  See finished page from this training at:

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 9

This is more work within the Link Post Blogging site on cleaning up Category Pages, improving for keyword search and in adding another new offer from into the Clothes and Accessories Category of our Link Post Blogging Sites.

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 10

WATCH PART 1 HERE:  This is explaining the Scope of this Offer and What it Means to us with Link Post Blogging and creating traffic and revenues.

WATCH PART 2 HERE:  This is showing you how to copy and create your own pages for this Powerful Offer.

Merchant Processing!  Yes it is big business and necessary for each and every business out there.  We have exclusive access to the World’s formost solution, VyaPay.  We are with the Merchant Processing Solution of Today and the Future.

Crypto-Currency is here.  It is becoming a global money system.  VyaPay is already processing it.  They are leaders – and we like that!

See Example (and Copy and Paste Initial Content) HERE

THEN BE SURE TO MODIFY THE KEYWORD – and then WRITE / EDIT to change it to be your’s with content that supports the keyword.

This Offer is Located in your Brunette Marketing Affiliate Account

Link Post Blogging Support Page for VyaPay Offer – GO HERE –

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 11

This is a very important Episode.  One that EVERY LINK POST BLOGGER needs to watch.  This will help you in getting approved with Google AdSense and in getting the most out of your work with regards to getting Search Traffic and getting Indexed on the Search Engines.  ENJOY !!!

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 12

As we launch DirectCellars into the World of Link Post Blogging.  This will help you in launching and promoting your DirectCellars offer within your Link Post Blogging Site.

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 13

How to publish your BOOK and use it to drive E-Newsletter Subscriptions.  This is where you learn how to link and position your Books and Stories on your Link Post Blogging Site.

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 14 PART 1

How to create a “Theme Based” Offer Page specifically for Social Media Marketing (But good for SEO and Link Post Blogging as well).  This is where you will learn how to create an Offer Page, Theme Based to use for Niche Targeting and for use in creating Ascension Marketing.  Theme is Women and Wine, and the Product Offering is Direct Cellars.  See the finished Offer Page:


“Please see if you have these added to your Link Post Blogging Site.  If not, feel free to COPY, PASTE (modify your hyperlinks to your own Direct Cellars enrollment link) these onto your Link Post Blogging Site.  Be sure to Modify the pages to make them your own – and have fun with it!”  – Rory Ricord

Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 14 PART 2

How to use your “Theme Based” Offer Page to Market in Social Media.  Learn how to Market though Social Media and Link Post Blogging once your “Theme Based” Offer Page is completed.  Theme is Women and Wine, and the Product Offering is Direct Cellars.



This is for all students that are following the Link Post Blogging program with  If you are not a student, please refer to to get started.

This Series is for helping the students to become better and better at Link Post Blogging and helping them to gain massive traffic on online exposure to increase profits.




The key to making money with Link Post Blogging is creating “Offer Pages”.  These are Blog Pages with information and 3rd party endorsements for a product, service or website.  Using this method allows you to gain search traffic based on keywords.  You will learn from the Episodes above how to do this, ideas to do this, and methods to make this work better and better as you continue to Link Post Blog.

“One good article is worth thousands of dollars in ad revenue, be sure to add one well written article (or as we call them Blog Pages) a week to keep the money making magic of Link Post Blogging working for you and your future” – Rory Ricord