Link Post Blogging


OK… before we go into BLOGGING, which is a natural progression to making online fortunes with us… let’s review where we are.

You know how to POST.  And are POSTING… so breaking it down, the following is something you are already involved in, and doing:

1)  You know how to Pull Offers from VARIOUS Affiliate Programs and Direct Offers.

* You just need to know where and how to copy and paste your affiliate links.

2)  You know how to Post these offers and programs on various Posting Sites.  You should be proficient and using at least 3 different Posting Sites to do this.  When you get your Link Post Blogging Site up and set up (see below) you want to post on as many posting sites, posting ads direct to the offer pages on your Link Post Blogging site.  This is key to PRIME the PUMP for Search Traffic.  As you do this more and more, it will help you to gain exposure for Search Traffic (the best kind) to your Link Post Blogging Site.  

3)  Now we are going to go into how to Monetize those POSTS even more… through BLOGGING.  Or more specifically “Link Post Blogging”.  See you are putting your templates up as a Web Page, and will be linking to that instead of the offer.

  • You get to bring traffic to your Offer Page… and
  • They get to see your other Categories and offers (because they are in Categories to the Left of the Offer)
  • You get to have Google Adsense Banners (that pay you per click) on your Blogging Site – which pay you “PER CLICK”
  • And you can capture the traffic as an Email Lead into your Email Program so you can send them offers on a regular basis, building up your earning potential.
  • If I could REACH through this SCREEN  right now, I’d shake you and tell you that you are CRAZY not to be LINK POST BLOGGING.  Setting up a website is scary for most new people to online marketing… and that is why we don’t start with this in the training, we add it after you have learned everything you need to know in order to Link Post Blog!  Meaning, you know how to pull an offer, you know how to create a template… you do the exact same things to build a Page on a Website… and we make it EASY – keep going through this training, get your Blog Site ordered, and go to work (doing what you already know how to do) and you are set to Really do this right.  I’ll even GUARANTEE that you make money or I’ll pay you $500 personally.  (CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS).  I am serious – you will make money or I pay you… 


READY TO LEARN ABOUT BLOGGING – and more importantly – HOW TO MAKE MONEY BLOGGING? Get with your RoryRicord Staff Member to get going.

Link Post Blogging

Get with a Staff Member to get your Link Post Blogging Site Activated.  They will help you with the process to expedite it and to ensure you are able to get going as fast as possible.