We are proud to be a part of the Cryptocurrency History – and in helping out Students here at to become a part of it TODAY and into the Future.


Here the recording of when this was initially Launched here on

– Huge insights on what this is, and what it can become for you.

See it here:

This will explain it more, and you’ll see what you’ll be adding to your Link Post Blogging Site.  If you already have the /free-bitcoin page, then follow the STEPS BELOW – knowing you are just going to need to update the HYPERLINKS to your Referral Code.

This is just a first of many Cryptocurrency Items we will be promoting with our Link Post Blogging Sites.  There is a lot more of these coming, and we are setting up you, our Student to be able to succeed.  WHO YOU KNOW MATTERS, and we have cutting edge programs, that we are in – when TIMING is best – all the time.

COMPUTTA is just like this.  We vetted it out, tested it… and launched it here on just 3 months after it STARTED.

Go through the 3 STEPS BELOW to get in, get started, and get this added and promoted as you are guided by your Mentor and from your Fast Track Training / VIP Training.

“We will always be adding and updating things to remain Current.  We are like a well stocked Shopping Center.  Always carrying the items in Demand” – Rory Ricord


Enroll in this TOTALLY FREE and TOTALLY AMAZING program.  Select your Mentor from the list below.  If they are not on the list, or if their name is not taking you to their enrollment link, then enroll under RORY RICORD directly here.

Rory Ricord – Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Tanya Ricord– President

Steve Niumatalolo– Managing Partner, Chief Operations Officer

Jim Franckowiak – Legal Counsel

Matt Uyehara – Chief Technical Officer

Clint Ricord- Executive Vice President

Amy Niumatalolo – Vice President, Merchant Services

Gaven Dorr- Vice Presdient, Social Media Marketing

Edison Ricord – Vice President, Quality Control

Tytan Ricord – VIP Support Manager

Ryver Ricord – Personal Link Poster for Rory Ricord

Garet Dorr – Quality Control Specialist

Briggs Lavin- Quality Control Specialist

Natosha Copedge- Operations Manager, Mentor Support


Leslie Jones




Paul Feldman

Donna Meyer




Shane Belceto

Kevin McConnell

Melissa Goebel

Doug Courtright

Brandess Haynes

Nicolas Andreasson



Linda Horn

Carol Blair

Lori Black

Jason Haseltine

Maria Sanchez

Jennifer Langford

Kelly Bullock

Paul Rankin

Laura Hamilton

Cindy Kahland

Debbie Lizee

Jen Swan

Barbara Thomas

Maria Guzman

Michael Gleed

Nikki Drew

Betty Crabtree

Brandon Giesen

Elizabeth Block

Stephanie Mushrush

David Fulk

Shari Dzalak

Kathleen Janin

Toni Thomas

April Price

Kathleen Metzler

Israel Vargas

Ryan Oller

Michelle Didier

Jered Klingle

Toni Thomas

Julie Lundeen-Russell

Lisa Call

Karla Counts

Kristi Snook

Daisy Gregory

Ruth Singleton

Lesa Jacobs

Jen Catt

Vickie Spencer

Lynn Parsons


Be sure to set up your Computta Account on the PC’s you can run it on.  The more the merrier for this.  Just follow the EASY steps.  Get with your Mentor for any assistance you need.

Then you want to be sure to update the links on your Link Post Blogging Site’s Offer Page for this.  It is most likely your site, then /free-bitcoin

If you do not have a page for this yet (We have Thousands of Students that will need to do this) then create a page, add the summary into the necessary Category Pages.

See: or for EXAMPLES

Free Bitcoin – Plus Earn More in just 3 minutes

Smart Miner is Free Bitcoin – Starting Mining Bitcoin in just 3 minutes

You will see that it is listed in several Categories and Drop Down Menus.


Once you have updated the Category Pages (adding in Summary for your Free Bitcoin Offer Page) and you have updated the Referral Link for your /free-bitcoin page.  Then you want to share it, post it… get it out there.

BE SURE TO MODIFY the KEYWORD, here are some suggestions:


BE SURE TO EDIT THE PAGE / free-bitcoin on your Link Post Blogging Site – adding to it, making it your own.

BE SURE TO CREATE and many OFFER PAGES (whether you link them from Category Pages or NOT) on as many keywords and related key phrases as you can.  THIS IS A LITERAL GOLD MINE.  GO GO GO GO GO GO!

THIS IS A HIGHLY RELEVANT TOPIC – and we are here to get traffic and rewards (financially) from it.  This is one topic alone that can get your traffic coming in from SEO like nothing before it.  THIS IS GO TIME!



OH, in case you do not have a 64 bit OS (PC): You can get a LOW COST solution here:

If you are looking to buy a LOW-COST PC/Laptop start by GOING HERE to see what is available on Ebay. (Suggested Search on Ebay)