Fast Track Training

Now that your site is set up – you are ready to go as fast as you are able – to get things up, running, and producing results:

FIRST: Start with the Basic Training for Fast Track Training – GO HERE (And If you get stuck, you can refer to the BASIC BLOGGING TRAINING – CLICK HERE and get a review).

After you have reviewed the Basic Training (above): 

SECOND:  In order to make sure you are always up to date with the latest tools and techniques, please enroll in the emails from Rory Ricord.  This is your Access to Keeping Up With All the New Changes and Improvements to

fast track trainingClick Here and Register to receive Direct Emails from Rory Ricord.  This will provide ongoing support, information and will give you the direct ability to Email Rory Ricord directly.

THIRD:  Enroll with the Recommended Affiliate Programs that you need to begin with.  You already have content and offer pages built : 

NOTE:  You will be adding and creating Content often – the more the better.  You have a great starting point, and you must go through and edit and modify each page.

Please enroll in order…

  1. ClickBank:  You should have this already set up… if not (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER) If you are new to Click Bank (CLICK HERE) to view a video on setting up and working with ClickBank so you can easily find your way around your ClickBank Back Office.  NOTE:  You do not need or want to buy into their UNIVERSITY… just get access and use only to access offers.  Any questions… get with your Mentor.  The fastest way to bypass their pitch – is to log in again and it will not play again.
  2. Brunette Marketing Network (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AS AN AFFILIATE).  This is our very own, with direct Advertisers that love us Bloggers.  If you are with you’ll be instantly approved, upon a simple review that your site is up, and live with everything from the Blogging Training, including Response Magic and Google AdSense.  Be sure to enroll as an AFFILIATE, not an ADVERTISER.
  3. (COMMISSION JUNCTION – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER).  While we used to make a ton with the offers here, it is more for specific needs now to fill categories and content for the categories.   Good to add.  Note:  You want to sign up as a “Publisher” with CJ.COM. refers to its’ Affiliates as Publishers.
  4. RoboForm:  (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER).  Pays 30% of  revenue share for all your sales.  Frankly, if you do not have this yet, you really should.  Sign up as an affiliate, use your Blogging Site Url when registering.  Then if you haven’t got this already – use your own link to sign up and get the 30% Commission!
  5. Computta: (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER).  This is BRAND NEW here at and this is a program, not only is it FREE, but it a GEM of an Offer to promote and gain with.  Be sure to follow the information – and you will need your Referral Link to update the associated page(s) for this.  Get with your Mentor for any questions related to this.
  6. COINBASE: (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER). This is a Cryptocurrency Wallet. We will be utilizing 2 different wallets, and this is the first one, as well as a referral link that you will use in various offers. At a minimum, just get it set up. You can earn referrals even without personally funding this wallet. Further, the knowledge of how wallet’s function is ideal for the education we will be covering each week in our Tuesday Training Calls (see access numbers below).
  7. XCELTRIP: (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER). This is also Cryptocurrency. Be sure to enroll as an IMP (Affiliate). We will be building this offer up throughoug 2018 and into the future. When you enroll, be sure to have an image or photo of your Driver’s License ready to UPLOAD onto their application page.
  8. ASK your MENTOR about our #1 Anchor Offer.  I am going to ask them to guide you through it.  IT IS SOMETHING THAT IS MAKING OUR STUDENTS THE MOST MONEY OVERALL!!!  We have ways to kick this into gear fast, and your Mentor will help you with it all.  This particular offer is Rory Ricord’s absolute favorite, for what it is, and especially for how it helps us all. THIS IS A MUST – DO THIS AS SOON AS YOU ARE ABLE.

What you are about to do has been put together by Rory Ricord.  This is literally over 20 years of practiced and proven methods for online marketing.  These are processes that work TODAY.  This is something that will constantly be updated.  As the Web updates and new things are added or things change, so does our support and training.

NOTE:  If you have any communication with the Affiliate Programs, be sure to let them know you are a Member of 

IN ADDITION TO WORKING WITH YOUR MENTOR, You have access to the weekly Training and Business Building Support Call.  Hear from Rory Ricord directly as well as the Support Staff behind the success here with

Tuesdays at 7pm MST/ 9pm EST

CALL IN: (515) 739-1221

Conference ID: 997454#

PLEASE GO THROUGH THE STEPS BELOW IN ORDER – and as instructed by your Mentor.


After you have set up your Affiliate Accounts (Above), have enrolled for email updates from Rory Ricord directly, you are ready to get started with building your Link Post Blogging Site. You will be needing to go through each and every page that is on your Link Post Blogging site and modifying it accordingly:

  • Modify the information on each page. Edit the words to make them “your own”. Change things up.
  • Change the current Hyperlink to your Hyperlink. Your Hyperlink will be your referral or affiliate link for the particular offer/product/store etc that is being marketed on the Offer Page.
  • Have fun with it. You are creating a 3rd Party (YOU) endorsed article on the particular product, store, service, etc. The more you make it unique, the better it will work for SEO.

Please watch this video (as many times as you need too) in order to understand. It will get easier and easier with each time you do it. Repetition is the mother of learning, and the more you do this, the faster you will become at it.

You need to go through and edit each and every page of your Link Post Blogging site to complete Step 1. This may take a few days, to a few weeks (based upon your available time and effectiveness) to do this, and it is very very important. The better you do this Step, the easier the other Steps will be to complete things and get your Link Post Blogging site ready to generate an income for you on what should eventually be a daily basis.Getting your Referral Links.As you are going through each and every page of your Link Post Blogging site, you will be accessing and replacing the URL of the Hyperlinks to each and every offer. This is the same process for each Affiliate Network.Here are some exceptions and where to locate your affiliate/referral links:Coinbase: Go Here to see where and how to get your referral link.  You will want to use this in the offer pages that refer to Coinbase.


vidplayer2Click Here to Watch how to Add Response Magic to your Link Post Blogging Site:  This will show you where to place the Google AdSense Ad Unit onto your Widgets in your Link Post Blogging Site.  After seeing how it is done, go below and enroll in Google AdSense, create your Ad Unit and place it on your Link Post Blogging Site.

CLICK HERE TO GO ENROLL WITH RESPONSE MAGIC for your emailing list.  In Advanced Blogging (the next section you should be going to from here) We cover this again.  This is another way to increase your revenue (and profits) from your Blogging Site.

This allows you to build an email list of people to market your Link Post Blogging Site too.  This is important – and necessary to allow you to make money from the same people over and over again.  This is smart marketing, and a useful tool to help maximize profits for years to come.

Please go here to see the Response Magic Templates Page for a tutorial on adding Email Messages for your Opt-In Members as well as Email Messages you can copy, edit (to your own links), and add to your own Response Magic Account.  This will help you to get the idea.

Please go here for additional training on adding messages, as well as even more message templates to promote the Anchor Offers that help bring in the traffic to your Link Post Blogging site.


Start Posting Links to your Offer Pages:

This is another key element, similar to what you are doing with your Amazon Sales Site and creating Content that will support this, you will be creating offer pages that drive and promote your Traffic “Eyeballs of Searchers” to your various Affiliate Links.

Click Here
and Begin Watching the “Blogging For Cash With Rory“.
 Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Rory Ricord YouTube Channel so you can keep up to date with the new trainings for adding Content and Driving Traffic to your site.

You want to watch the entire series, it will cover several offers, topics and how-to posts throughout the series.


Link Post Ads To Your Offer Pages:

This is where you will sign up and find free places to post ads.  These ads are to send people to your Link Post Blogging Site – but specifically to the Offer Pages on your Link Post Blogging Site.

You can start out by using the Free Traffic Sites provided by  CLICK HERE to access these websites.  While there are several on here, you want to be sure to find others on your own.  Be sure to keep track of them in a Spreadsheet or Document (even on a pad of paper) with the site url (website), your username and password, etc.  So you can reference them easily.

In Watching Blogging For Cash With Rory you will see in several of the Episodes where I go and start to Link Post to the Offer Page I just created.  This is key – it is priming the pump for Search Traffic!


NOTE:  Before doing STEP 5, make sure you have reviewed things with your Mentor.  They will advise you if you are ready to apply for Google AdSense.  You want to be sure to be posting links to your Link Post Blogging Offer Pages.  You want to make sure you have both Internet Traffic (from posting links) as well as Social Media (from posting Memes and your Offer Pages appropriately in your Social Media Platforms) prior to Applying for Google AdSense.

vidplayer2Watch this Video on how to add Google AdSense to your Link Post Blogging Site.

This is where you will become a Marketing Partner with Google.  In doing so, your Link Post Blogging site will be showing Banner Ads that Google has defined the best fit for the individual visiting your Link Post Blogging Site.  This pays you per click, and is literally free money!


link post blogCLICK HERE to watch Blogging For Cash With Rory Episode 11

CLICK HERE TO GO ENROLL IN GOOGLE ADSENSE (Be sure to use your main Gmail Account – as it will be connected to that account).

IMPORTANT!!! Wait Until You Are Approved with Google AdSense.  Then go to STEP 6.  This may take a few days.  You can skip to STEP 7 until then, but be sure to come back to STEP 6 after your Google AdSense is properly placed on your Link Post Blogging Site and you are Approved with Google AdSense.

IMPORTANT!!!  With your Affiliate Links, and Programs… DO NOT EVER CLICK ON YOUR OWN GOOGLE ADSENSE or ADCLICKMEDIA Banners.  This will create Fraud Alerts and can get you banned or cancelled out.  We get paid when we send people through these programs, and they do not want us to rack up the commissions on our own.  So do not.  Nor should you direct friends to do the same.  Let it happen naturally through the traffic and direction of online marketing that we teach you to do.


Add AdClickMedia to your Link Post Blogging Site:  Get an account set up (FREE) and then add it to your Link Post Blogging Site.  Be sure to watch the videos below and follow the instructions.

This is where you will become a Marketing Partner with AdClickMedia.  In doing so, your Link Post Blogging site will be showing Banner Ads and Content Marketing Banners to increase your revenue from the traffic coming into your Link Post Blogging Site.

vidplayer2Click Here Watch Video On Setting up your Ad Account with AdClickMedia.  You are setting up as a Publisher.  Click on the link below when you are ready to set up your Account.

Click Here to Get Your Account Set Up With AdClickMedia:

vidplayer2CLICK HERE to Watch Video On Placing Ad Banners from AdClickMedia Onto Your Link Post Blogging Site


Promote your Link Post Blogging Site and your Offer Pages through Search Engines:

This is something you want to do weekly – this will only help the process we are showing you.  The more traffic you can get, the more you can make.

FREE GOOGLE SITE SUBMISSION: First, be logged into your Gmail Account, then go here to submit your Blogging Site to Google: CLICK HERE.  Suggested you do this at least once per month.

Submit to Search Engines
Get listed on search engines. Submit your web site to 300+ top search engines.  There is a $4.95 fee, or a yearly submission fee.  Especially when you are seeing results from your posting, $4.95 is easy to get a return on with your Google Adsense alone.

Submit your URL to Search Engings with Scrubtheweb.  FREE and MEMBERSHIPS available.  CLICK HERE  Recommended that you do the FREE Submission Weekly.  It doesn’t hurt.  When you site is pulling in more than $100 per day, you should consider the $15 per month (paid $45 every 3 months) plan.

Submit to 3,150 Backlink Sites & Directories
Submit your website to high authority whois, domain, and DNS statistic web sites, including Alexa, AboutUs, SiteAdivisor, CubeStat, Quantcast, many more.

Social Bookmarking Service
Submit your website to over 600 social bookmarking sites by filling out just one form.

Submit to Web Directories
Get your site listed on web directories to increase your link popularity and search engine rankings.


Use Social Media to Promote Your Offer Pages.  Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your Link Post Blogging Site.  Social Media Marketing is an ART, one that we will be constantly instructing and building long term with you.  

  1.  Please get set up with the following Social Media Accounts (if you are not already set up with them) and then…
  2. Get your Professional Social Media Marketing Memes and Sayings set up so you can Brand yourself and an Online Marketing Professional.
  3. Activate your Automated Instagram Marketing with the power of and our Instagram Marketing Platform. 

This is where you will use the Social Media Platforms of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN and Instagram to Promote Your Offer Pages for your Link Post Blogging Site.

As you watch the training in Blogging For Cash With Rory – you will see how to use the Social Media Sites below to promote your offers.

Facebook:  GO here to set up a Facebook Account if you do not have one yet.  This is something you want to use to promote your offers through.

Google+:  Access this through your Gmail Account.  This is Google.  One Account = All of Google.  If you have a account, you have Google+.

Twitter:  This is a must have.  Get your Twitter account set up here if you do not have one already.  The Twitterverse is great for sharing new ads to your Link Post Blogging Site.  And it serves as a great way to  market your Offer Pages.  Learn how to build your Twitter Followers in the training provided.

Pinterest:  This is also a must have.  Go here to get your Pinterest Account set up if you do not have one already.  With Pinterest you will learn how to “Pin” photos from your Offer Pages that will tie in and direct clickers to your Offer Page.  You will learn how to do this as you go through the training.

LinkedIN:  This is the Professionals Social Media Platform.  If you are not in LinkedIN, go here and get set up.  You will be posting and sharing your offers here, and be able to grow your Professional Social Media Network.

Instagram:  This is becoming the largest Social Media platform.  If you do not have an Instagram Account.  If you do not have an Instagram Account, then go to the App Store/Google Play Store and download the Instagram Account and Sign Up.  (You can login with your existing Facebook Account or use a Unique Email Address).  Keep up with Rory Ricord (and see how he Markets through Instagram by logging into your Instagram Account online and then going here and following Rory Ricord.

fast track trainingNow it is time to Market Professionally.  Go Here to get set up with your own Custom Social Media Marketing Memes and Sayings for ongoing promotions.  This will help bring in traffic, awareness and most importantly it will be building your Brand.

fast track trainingWith your MEMES and SAYINGS being professionally created, you can share them on Social Media.  We have just added Automatic Instagram Marketing.

GO HERE to get your Instagram Account plugged into our Instagram Marketing Platform and gain hundreds of “REAL” followers each and every month.  This will allow your Social Media Marketing efforts to soar.  The more you reach, the more traffic and sales and clicks you can get.  Get Supercharged with your Instagram Marketing Here.


fast track trainingMarketing on Instagram Has it’s Own Training Page (with updates added often).  Go Here to get training and support on using your Instagram Account to Market to your Link Post Blogging Site and Offer Pages.



Work with your Mentor and our Featured Affiliate Program to Build Daily and Monthly Recurring Incomes:

This is what we call our #1 Anchor Offer.  It is an offer that we directly work with you on.  Your Mentor will explain them, and how they work.  We have them put together in a way that can make money daily.  These are programs we build with you, as they are extremely lucrative when done correctly.

“In Affiliate Marketing, you are lucky to find one offer that will bring in most of your revenue.  We have hit the GOLDEN GOOSE of any and all offers I have ever seen in more than 28 years of Marketing with Direct Cellars.  This one offer not only represents the largest incomes for all of the Students (as a group) but it is an Offer that brings in the traffic and draws more visitors to your Link Post Blogging site than anything ever before it.  If you want to succeed in Link Post Blogging, this is an ABSOLUTE MUST.”  -Rory Ricord

Direct Cellars:  This is an interesting Affiliate Program… and pays out in an ongoing monthly residual.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS  We used to market to this offer as a one time commission.  If you drink wine, then this is a no-brainer.  Sign up – get your link , add it and post it.  Share your Link Post Blogging Page with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and anyone you know that drinks wine.  Great way to get monthly wines from around the globe.  Get them for free, get paid for it, and build yet another MSI (Multiple Streams of Income) here with  SEE HOW TO PROMOTE THIS IN BLOGGING FOR CASH WITH RORY EPISODE 12 GO HERE TO WATCH.  

Your Mentor will be dialed in and working with you on this, and will be directly working to make you money with you and your Direct Cellars Wine Business!  Not just training, but creating actual results. Presents the “Wine Wednesdays Conference Call and Online Webinar”

Wednesdays Call.jpg

Hear from Rory Ricord directly on this proven addition to with Esteemed Leader and Master Cellar Nicolas Andreasson.

Hear About the Benefits of Marketing your own Wine Business with Direct Cellars.  

Learn how to Market and Promote your Wine Business with your Link Post Blogging site online through Link Posting and Social Media with direct training.

Learn how to further Promote (and have a lot of fun) with your Wine Business in a way that can create Thousands in profits monthly.

Hear the true story how Link Post Blogging lead to over $15k in first month’s profits with Direct Cellars.

Be a part of this amazing, new to the market program that allows you to leverage your way into an amazing income and lifestyle.

***Wine Wednesdays is Open to your Family and Friends that want to hear about Direct Cellars – as well as how we are building huge Customer Bases for our Wine Businesses***

3 Sales Tools to Create “Career Incomes” with our #1 Anchor Offer and Link Post Blogging

memesCustomized Memes for your Wine of the Month Business and Offer Page:  Professional Images, they are known as Memes or Sayings.  GO HERE to see and get them.  We have a full graphics department here at that is created for the purpose of giving our Members access to professionalism to build with Social Media – but at rediculous savings.  This program is heavily subsidized by Rory himself so that we can use this powerful tool for our Ascension Marketing strategies through Social Media.
Add Stealth Mobile Marketing.  We use this feature to generate traffic and sales for Direct Cellars.  NOTE:  Add this when you are ready, and after you are already making progress with your Social Media Marketing with Memes and Sayings.
  • Great to Draw Traffic into your Link Post Blogging Site
  • Grow Awareness to your DC Offer
  • Create Ways to Bring in Business Builders into your DC Wine Business
  • Because this is something that Rory Ricord is very keen on, it is important that you gain access (by password) to this section.  This is how we can help our Members create instant Career Incomes each and every week.  Your Mentor is already fully aware and in most cases adding this to their daily routines to build their Wine of the Month businesses.  THIS WORKS, and you have the best support to help you to get there.

Anchor Offer #2

Go here for the Online Mobile Gaming Apps through United Games.  Get with your Mentor for more details on this.  You have this located in your Link Post Blogging Site.

MOBILE GAME MEMES are coming SOON.  Our Graphics Team is busily testing and creating new memes for this program.  Online/Mobile Gaming is extremely VIRAL.  We have proven that, and we are enjoying the web traffic it creates.  We will roll this out as soon as it is fully ready for us to deply.  ESTIMATED by November 15th 2017. -Rory

Anchor Offer #3

In case you haven’t set up yet with Computta – GO HERE NOW for that.  Super Simple, Super Rewarding.

MEMES FOR THIS:  WOW – yes they are being worked on as well.  These will be inclusive in the Wine Memes (Get them Here)


This is the best STEP yet.  CELEBRATE that you have made it this far in the process!!!  You have been learning a lot.  You now have more of an understanding on how making money online works, and how online marketing and advertising works and is literally everywhere.  You are tapped into this amazing process for making money, and now you can focus on increasing your profits.

As you are Celebrating, I wanted to share something from a Personal Mentor of mine, Jim Rohn.  When I discuss several things, it is from his direct influence and the amazing opportunities I was gifted with in being with Jim Rohn around the World.  This is exactly how he communicated so many lessons on being successful, and on achieving extraordinary results by just doing it, and being consistent.  So as you hear me over and over again, and when I continually cover the Re-Set, Re-Focus, Re-Commit; you will see a big part of where my Understanding and Habits of Success come from. -Rory Ricord


Continue your Training with the Activities of Success: Now that you have completed and understand the Link Post Blogging, How to Market it, and how to make it ready for Success, it is time to take you to exactly what you need to do to continue the Success, and to build upon it.


Activites of Success is the 11th STEP – and the STEP you will be repeating on a regular basis.  Once you are fully set up (which is what Steps 1 through 10 are about, you’ll be into the Regular Activities that build up your Link Post Blogging site and the traffic to it.  This is where you will be building up the earning potential and everything that this entire program is all about.

fast track training

Oh, do not worry. The art and effectiveness of Link Post Blogging is truly never done. It is always a work in progress. Once you are all set and know everything in Steps 1 through 11 above, the only thing to do is… well, add even more! The possibilities and opportunity is virtually without limits.

This is where programs like Amazon, and an entirely huge world of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain are even more available to you as a VIP Link Post Blogging Partner with us.

This is by INVITATION through your Mentor Only. You need to have an already set up site, be fully set up with the following (so you are ready to take on some more heavily advanced additions to the World Of Link Post Blogging with us here at

As a VIP Link Post Blogging Partner, you will have access to even more ways to create incomes with us, as well as key access and training to the World of Blockchain and Crypto-currencies.

Get with your Mentor – when you have completed everything in Steps 1 through 11 above.