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If you cannot make money with this method, then you really aren’t following instructions… you have my personal Guarantee that this ABSOLUTELY WORKS… -Rory

First, you need to forget what you have heard, or seen about blogging, or blogging websites.  We are not here to use a blogging website designed to let you advertise for them.  We are here to learn how to be the master and controller of your own Blogging site.  Allowing you to create endless blogs, endless marketing pages, and endless potential.

Second you need a website – THIS WEBSITE done the RoryRicord way – is not just a website but a portal for you to BLOG, Advertise and POST anything and everything you want.  You want to be set up correctly.  This is something we will handle and do all for you.  Literally we will handle everything you need other than you doing the content, pages and so forth… but we show you step by step how to do that below.  Follow the 2 Steps below… and you’ll be up within hours of your Link Post Blogging site being activated.

Watch the video below and get an explanation about how and why Link Post Blogging works.  From Rory Ricord, creator of Link Post Blogging.

Just go through the simple 2 Steps Below to Start Building your income with Link Post Blogging


Link Post Blogging Site Activation with Fast Track so you can be ready to go in the absolute quickest way ever to get this complete income system going.


This is a non-refundable Activation.  You will be set up within 48 hours (2 Business Days) with your own Link Post Blogging Site with Fast Track.  Your Activation includes:

Your Own Short URL Domain.  This will be a 4 or 5 character web domain.  This is your website.  

All necessary programming to work as a Link Post Blogging Site within the Program.

All access to the FAST TRACK TRAINING.  You will receive access to the Fast Track Training upon your Activation of your Link Post Blogging Site with Fast Track.

Support to enhance your success with Proven Affiliate Programs.  You will gain immediate access to the Top Producing Offers and Programs.

Your Activation includes the first 90 days (3 months) of Web Hosting for $28.95 and a one time fee for Fast Track Set up of $59 for a total Activation of $87.95.

After your initial 90 days, your web hosting will continue on a monthly subscription, to be billed every 90 days for $28.95.  This includes all hosting with supported Site Programming, and approved and provided Plug-Ins.  Ongoing Hosting is Month-To-Month.  No partial refunds available, and no term-agreement.  Payments will show as Staggs Loan Processing, Inc.

You are not promised or guaranteed any income amounts, and all success is determined by your own work.  Your ability to earn is dependent upon your own efforts in following the Fast Track Training made available upon your Link Post Blogging Site with Fast Track Activation.

Please complete the Agreement and Enter in your Cell Phone (or other Phone) and complete the Subscription with PayPal below:

Do You Agree to the Terms
Cell Phone Number Please:

500guarantee2PLUS:  Rory PERSONALLY Guarantees that you will make money following this training with your Blogging Site or he will pay you $500!   GO HERE TO SEE DETAILS!



Once you have set up your Link Post Blogging Site in Step 1, allow up to 2 business days for your Link Post Blogging site to be activated.

Once it is ready, you will receive an Email with your access information, and access to your Step by Step set up training.  Your Site will be set up with the Latest in what works “Today” allowing you into the Fast Track of success with us. 

You will also be contacted by your personal Support Person with to guide you through the Step-By-Step Process.

You will be walked through the steps to get going as fast as possible, as well as what to focus on immediately to help you get your income created and going with us.