Utilizing Affiliate Programs


Please make yourself familiar with the Affiliate Programs below.  These will help you in growing your Affiliate Marketing income.

NEW PROGRAMS are available to us online marketers all the time… we will keep you posted here on what to work with, and what is making money “TODAY”!

Before you get set up with any Affiliate Program, or Advertiser, please get set up on SKYPE.com (CLICK HERE)

You will need to have an IM (Instant Message) account to work with most of them.  Please use SKYPE – and add the user: RoryRicord.com to your Skype Contacts so we can add you to the SKYPE support as well.  Add user: roryprivate and in the Request Notice, put that you’re a member of RoryRicord.Com.  Skype is a FREE PROGRAM that allows VIDEO and TEXT chat.  You do not have to have a CAMERA in order to use it.  We mainly TEXT.  ALSO – it is highly suggested that you are aware that you are being trained through RoryRicord.com.  This is a Top Tier Affiliate Network.  They do not approve or work with just everyone.  You have to be an active member of RoryRicord.com.

GETTING A MENTOR: Once you add RoryRicord.com to your Skype… you’ll be accepted and you’ll be given instructions (PLEASE READ THEM and FOLLOW THEM) that will allow the RoryRicord.com Staff to assign you to a Mentor (If you haven’t been assigned a Mentor already).  Your Mentor is going to work with you on how you post, and in working to ensure you are doing what you need to to make money.

ALSO – if you have “Newbie” questions… you need to go to your Mentor (or call our Customer Support number) for them first – before asking the Networks.  It is best to do this over Skype even!  The programs we work with really want to work with people that know their way around, and already know what they are doing.  So until then… let US train you.  This is KEY.  We are here for that very thing.  And when you are “Link Post Blogging” you will find that almost any Advertiser or Affiliate Program is happy and excited to work with you.  It is an amazing difference to them when you  have an actual website and blog set up to allow you to promote their Offers.

If you are NEW to this (which you all are) you need to understand the basics that we are teaching you – so you can do well in the Affiliate Marketing World.  And lean on us for our experience and knowledge.

NOTE: If you do not already have access to the shared DROPBOX folder, with photos, templates and more to help you with making money with us… then be sure to ask for it over Skype.  You can call into Customer Support for access, Skype us, Email us… or bring it up with your Mentor.

Affiliate Programs (Trusted)


Please click on that link and register.  You will also want to use that same link to LOGIN.  To Login – look for “login” on the top right of the enrollment page.  This Network is closed, and by invite through this link only.  They are a specialty network for Link Posting.  Do not let the limited offers take away your attention from working with them.  These are proven offers that work with link posting, and work on the Free Classified sites as seen here: FREE TRAFFIC SITES


vidplayerClick Here to watch a recorded Webinar on how to use ClickPartners for posting links.

THERE ARE MORE PROGRAMS – that are available once you are Link Post Blogging.  CLICK HERE (Recommended) to go into Link Post Blogging.

AFTER YOU HAVE SET UP WITH CLICKPARTNERS AND ARE POSTING – and you are familiar with the entire Posting Process – please proceed to learn and enroll with CLICKBANK.  Click Here to go to the CLICKBANK Training Page.


 CLICKBANK is rather large-  so we have a dedicated training section for it and are updating and adding to it all the time.  See you there!

What to focus on with Affiliate Networks and Offers you are looking to Post:

1) You want to look at running the CPL (Cost Per Lead) Campaigns.  These pay you per lead that is filled out and submitted.  Often these are easier to get than the CPS (Cost Per Sale) items.  Rory Says: “Try it all – see what is available, and find a place to post it.  When it works, look to maximize and find additional locations similar to that.”

2) You want to be on the look out for CPC (Cost Per Click) Campaigns.  Those of us that know how to drive legitimate traffic can be in a position to get paid per click (ensuring income).  This needs to be honest and true traffic, you will find yourself banned from this and many other connected Networks.

3) You want to look at their Business Opportunity offers.  These guys are specialists in “High Converting” offers.  This is an area that is never without prospects, especially online.

4)  Look for Niche Products, and match it up with Niche locations to post it in.  If you need help understanding this, get with your Mentor. (If you are without a Mentor – call Customer Support and request a Mentor).


1) You want to get familiar with the various offers available in the Affiliate Programs.

vidplayer2CLICK HERE to see a video on How to Familiarize yourself with Click Partners


vidplayer2CLICK HERE to see a video on How to Familiarize yourself with CLICKBANK

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE – you want to be updated when I add a new training video!

2) Then you want to go into the Posting Site you are looking to Post Ads on.  Look at their Categories and Available Sections you can post offers for.

vidplayer2CLICK HERE to see a video on How to Find Categories for Posting on Posting Sites


3) Then you want to create templates for offers that fit within the Categories available on the Posting Site.

vidplayer2CLICK HERE to see a video on How to Create a Template For Posting


NOTE:  This is a great way to do this, though you really want to be creating the Offer Page within your “Link Post Blogging Site”,  You can do far more, but the concept of the Template for Posting Ads on Posting Sites is the same.  You’ll just be using your Blog Page for the Offer as both the Template and the URL (you do not need a TinyURL either when using your Blog Page) that you send the visitor too.  CLICK HERE for more info.

4) Then you want to post (copy and paste) from the Template to the Posting Site.

vidplayer2CLICK HERE to see a video on How to Post from the Template to the Posting Sites


NOTE:  This is a great way to do this if you are just Link Posting; though you really want to be posting ads by using your “Link Post Blogging” Site, and the  Offer Page with the Offer.  You’ll just be using your Blog Page for the Offer as both the Template and the URL (you do not need a TinyURL either when using your Blog Page) that you send the visitor too.  CLICK HERE for more info.

5)  You want to use photos whenever you can to add to your post.  Posts with PHOTOS always pull in more clicks than those without.  Here are some VIDEOS of me getting photos for the photo files.  I apologize ahead of time for the images stopping as I do the recordings… because of the large files when I’m recording the images do not always keep up – but the audio instructions I give you will help! So it is worth at least a listen too.. So I am giving you a few different ones to watch.  So watch these so you can learn how to create photo files…

Here are the steps…

First, (We prefer Google.com for this), do a Search for “Item You Are Looking For” Images.  Such as Work At Home Images, or Dating Images, Paranormal Images, Vampire Images, or whatever is going to fit the offer.  Be creative, try different variations…

Second,  When you find a photo, “RIGHT CLICK” with your mouse over it, hit “Save As” and save it to your preferred file location.  I suggest saving them to a location within your Dropbox.  This is what we do.

Third, Repeat as Necessary for each Offer. And Be organized about it.  You will most likely be able to use the same photo file for various offers.  Especially for offers within the same Categories.

vidplayer2CLICK HERE to see a video on How to locate Images and to Create an Image Folder for Posting


vidplayer2CLICK HERE to see another Video on Locating and Saving Photos into an Image Folder for Posting


vidplayer2CLICK HERE to see yet another Video on Locating and Saving Photos into an Image Folder – though I really think you’ll get something out of my AUDIO information about this


After you have gone through all 3 of those VIDEOS – you should be VERY GOOD at doing it yourself.  And you’ll want to create a PHOTO FILE for specific needs.  Note from Rory: This is a tool of the Posting Ads Trade… we need Great Headlines/Titles, Great Descriptions, and GOOD PHOTOS are a MUST.  Then we need the offers to convert!  We will work with you as you continue on with the training to teach you how to do this.  Even when “Link Post Blogging”you will want to be using photos in your Ad Pages.

6) REPEAT WITH EACH AND EVERY OFFER YOU CAN… The more the better, especially when you are “Link Post Blogging”



*  Be sure to look at what other people are posting in the Categories you are looking to post in.  Make adjustments to improve your post so it stands out.

*  Be creative… when putting up the description, modify it according to the viewers coming into the Posting Location.  You want to make it fit the category.

*  Be sure to log into your Posting Ad  Account weekly to re-post the ads you set up.  As well as to add others.  Often you can re-post a previously created ad with a single click.  (Efficient).  Re-posting will put your ad back on the top of the Category.  DO NOT ABUSE THIS – do it every few days, do not do it multiple times in a day as you may be kicked out, sometimes permanently.

*  Be logical, and do not look to abuse their terms.  Good posting sites are worth steady cashflows… so behave.

*  Be sure to always use a TINYURL (http://tinyurl.com) when posting to a direct affiliate link or to the offer directly.  When you are doing this in the best way possible through “Link Post Blogging” you will be using the direct url link to your Offer Page.  Have Questions on how this works?  CLICK HERE

 Once you are making MONEY – and you have Steady Conversions happening… get with your Mentor – through SKYPE to get added to Exclusive Affiliate Programs to enhance your earning potential.  As you get things going, you’ll be able to attract better payouts, more offers, and more ways to make money online through Posting Links.  When you are “Link Post Blogging” you will have immediate access to other amazing and converting offers and Affiliate Networks as you continue into the Advanced Blogging and Advanced Blogging II sections of this Training Site.  You will also have access to Search Engine submissions so you can take advantage of free traffic to your Offer Pages and Content within your “Link Posting Blogging Site”!




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