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This is from me (RORY RICORD) Direction on Why Moringo Organics…

Why is Rory Doing this:  This is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY.  WHY?  Because we are at the Beginning of this Being Built her in the US.  It is already a Proven 3 year Old Business that is Thriving and Growing in INDIA.  The Product is Proven… and the Potential is Endless.

What is in it for you?  We are Professional Marketers, known for selling a lot of Product online.  We are taking this Product out – and teaching others to do the same… the result of which will literally create Financial Freedom for as many as we can.

What is it it for me?  There is literally an endless amount of Products and Services to which we can Market.   The key is – time management.  Finding a product that can make the most money, do the most good, and help the most people in the God Given Time of each day that we have here on Earth.  Building an Online Business around a Proven Product, one that builds up a loyal Customer Base is an answer to doing the most good, for the most people in the time we have.  This is why Moringo Organics.

I had the chance to spend time with the Current Leaders, Doctors, CEO and Owners of Moringo Organics in Dubai.  I had to look at the Men we would be working with directly, Eye to Eye, Belly to Belly, and get an understanding of their business philosophies, direction, morals and most of all – to get a solid sense of what I was looking to put my Heart and Soul – and the Heart and Souls of my Staff, Family, Friends and Colleagues (and several new relationships) into.


I did just that… I broke bread several times, spent a solid day out in the Persian Gulf away from all distraction.  I got to see them be themselves, and to hear from them Heartfully and Truthfully as to their Direction, and to what they have already done, seen and created with Moringo Organics.

I am very pleased to say, it was far greater than my expectations.  They have already shown far more Integrity with their Business Set-Up and Continuation than I’ve seen in any similar program or Company.  They lead and command the Company with Honor, Integrity and they are having a Blast doing so.

This is a Company that is all about building up the Leaders, taking care of those that take care of the Company… and they do it in Style.

I have known Robert James Corriveau for 10 years now.  We have grown and developed in similar ways, and we both know that anything is possible, and hard work, and solid leadership, and surrounding ourselves with brilliant minds is key to success.

I see a solid future with Moringo Organics.  One that can create amazing lifestyles, limitless retirements, and one that can help see Dreams become Reality for those willing to do the work to get their businesses up and going.

Welcome to our Team… and Welcome to your Future.


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