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NOTES FROM RORY:  You want to make this as conversational as possible… get it to where you can do and say this process easily.  Once you get the rhythm – it will all work perfectly… this is for working with leads looking to make money online.

Such as the leads we get from MENTORLEADS (CLICK HERE): These leads are fresh looking for a way to make money online.  We do that with the postings and other trainings for online promotion here at  We also use social marketing.  Again, as trained here!  Should have access to other business opportunity leads, or for people you know looking to make extra income… use the following guide/script accordingly.


SCRIPT – though you want to use this as a guide… make it your own, just follow the flow:

Hello, is (THEIR NAME) there?  Great, this is (Your Name) with Moringo Organics, how are you today?


Great… well the reason for my call is that you visited one of our websites about working from home and making money online.  Are you still interested in making money?


So before we get started, what were you looking for, as in, how much were you looking to make?


(ASK as needed): Are you looking for supplemental or replacement income?


Ok great… so (THEIR NAME) what do you do for work now, and what is your background in?


(LISTEN TO THEM – you need to know about them, you’ll be working with them – take NOTES)

How do you feel about Health and Nutrition? (Listen – then share) The Moringa Tree, where our product is derived is said to prevent more than 300 diseases 

Benefits to the Moringo Nutramatrix product that we are taking to everyone include:

  • Nourishes Body’s Immune System
  • Helps the cell to nourish and help cleanse toxins out
  • Triggers Metabolism
  • High in antioxidant activity
  • Promotes Mental and emotional balance
  • Good for cardiac health and are known to boost healthy arteries and heart by enhancing blood circulation and preventing cholesterol buildup
  • Protects from nerve damage, restore, rebuild nerve tissue
  • Supports Normal Blood Glucose Levels


This is just a few items about it.  Basically we have a Multi-Purpose SuperFood, one that enhances life, and helps with many issues that we all have.  (Give Personal Testimony here) and with Moringo, we have something that I know will help anyone and everyone that takes it.  

Well what we do is work with the Internet and Moringo Organics, which is where we take the right product and connect it with the right customer and get paid very well for doing so.  We take our Moringo Nutramatrix product for example and we share it with potential customers.  We use several proven methods to present this to potential customers, and this then can creates instant revenues.  We provide you with all the training, and the tools even to do this very thing.  And we mentor you through the entire process to help ensure success.

There are already several people making thousands and even tens of thousands weekly with this.  I am sure you are more than able to make (Their desired amount or more) with this program.

The product is amazing, and frankly something you are going to love like me and want to share it through our marketing methods, and when you do you have the ability to make amazing incomes.

Now, its not a hard decision, and its one that truly takes you getting a full look into the business, the product, and even the training to see how this works.  This is something that we do for a low entry price of $67, and it comes with complete activation as a Member, full training and support, and access to our online training and promotion tools.

I’ll key you in immediately, and you’ll get your Enrollment Kit in just a few days.  Meanwhile I will give you access to the online training where you can study and be ready to go once you receive the enrollment kit. So lets’ enter in your information (Be on the Signup Page of your Website and refer to the VIDEO below)


Well (their name) congratulations and welcome to the Team!  You will be receiving a password to access your back-office.  And you will be receiving an email from rory@brunettemarketing entitled “Welcome to the RoryRicord.Com Team”.  This email may be in your junk or spam folders, so be sure to check for them.  You want to read these emails, and you want to get started with the training information when you can so that you are ready to get your business started, and ready to start earning an income.

I will send you an email as well, giving you the training site to get started on, as well as my contact information.  I will be calling you in a few days to make sure your enrollment kit and product arrived.

IF they are not ready to go immediately… then you need to get their information into the follow up system… work with Rory or your Mentor on this.  If you do not have a http://myawesomepage/yourname site yet, you need to get one.  This is automated support for your prospects (and is FREE – you just need to get it through your Upline Mentor)
Utilize your support team – for 3 way calls… etc.  They are more experienced and are there to help you get up to speed.

Once you enroll the new Member; you want to make sure to get a 3-way introduction call with them and your Mentor, as well as make sure they get their USER ID (given with confirmation of payment) and notify them that their password for logging into their back-office will be emailed to them from the Company.
It is key that they get contacted when the product gets to them, and that they are connected with the training and tools here at
Enter their information here, so that they can get the training information and welcome details from me directly: (LINK HERE)
Then send them the following email from your email account to theirs:

Please Edit this Accordingly before you send it out.  

Copy and Paste from this Site.  Suggested that you have a ready to go version – other than inputting their name.  See how to create that by watching this video (CLICK HERE)

Subject Line:  Welcome to Moringo Organics and the RoryRicord.Com Team
Dear (Their Name):
Welcome to our TEAM!  You are part of a very solid and well supported group of people all looking out for you and your health and wealth future.  We are already undergoing the same business steps and processes that you are about to be trained on.  Please go through everything in the order that it is presented, and feel free to review it as often as necessary.  Should you need any help… contact me right away.  I am truly here to assist you.
1)  Get Started by going to: here you will begin your training, and will be given direct instructions to work the business and business growing systems we are all using to share and grow this Product and Opportunity.
2) When ever and how ever you feel like you are not understanding, or are not able to do anything, contact me!  I’ll help you through it… it is worthwhile, and we have all gone through all the new growing pains, and know how to help.
3)  We have built a system for duplicating success.  Use it, trust it… and above all, do not be afraid to ask for help.
We all succeed when you succeed.
Here are my contact details – and let’s build this together!



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