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You are about to begin learning the basic skills needed to make money online posting links.  This will get you going with some basics and your Staff Member will be able to get you going from here into effective methods of online profits:

check1You will be learning where to get the Offers and Ads to Post

check1You will learn where to Post these Offers and Ads

check1You will learn techniques and organization methods to do this correctly

check1And You Will be Learning how to Post Links through “Link Post Blogging” – which was developed by Rory Ricord.  100% Proven, and effective.

money-308815__180As you learn things, and understand where to get the Offers, and where to post them, you want to get connected with a Staff Member immediately.  As you understand the basics, your Mentor will focus on getting you to succeed with what is working “Today”.


  • You must know how to open up new browser windows in your web browser.
  • You must know how to Copy and Paste
  • You must be good at following instructions
  • You must ask for help when you need it. Sometimes the smallest of things can be the reason you aren’t succeeding. ASK AN EXPERT – ASK YOUR STAFF MEMBERS.  They are there for you to be able to succeed, so you can get past anything that you have any issue with.  They already know this, and know how to do everything.  Use them so you can move ahead without being frustrated so you can make money faster and easier.
  • Must be teachable – and you must and be ready to review or revisit things as your assigned Staff Member requires of you.  Your Membership connected you to the process.  This is 100% Proven and 100% Guaranteed.  You are in a perfect situation to be successful, and having a Staff Member for your 1 on 1 needs will truly help you.


  • Set up a new EMAIL for posting links. This is a business email, to be used when you post links, set up link or ad accounts, etc. You do not want to use an existing email, or an email you use for other business or personal use. This is an EMAIL ACCOUNT for the sole purposes of Link Posting and Link Advertising.
    1. (Recommended)
  • You want to be set up with PAYPAL. – this will be used for a payment method by many Affiliate Networks. Some only use PayPal. Others will offer it as well as Direct Deposit/CHECK or other methods.  Note: You will have the option for Business or Personal account.  A personal account is fine for what we are doing, and for you to get paid.
  • Be ready to learn… and when you get an assigned Mentor  – USE THEM whenever needed.

Please Watch the Videos Below in sequential order (This will show you what to do in order to be efficient at posting – then we will review it so you Understand it).  Repeat this until you are able to Post.  Review over and over again if necessary.  Once you understand this, we can help you to get a Mentor (This is explained later in the training – keep going!)


1) You want to get familiar with the various offers available in the Affiliate Programs.  

Start with Click-Partners, then go to CLICKBANK.  Click-Partners is Exclusive to our Members.  Familiarize yourself with how it works and then Register for Click-Partners below the video.  

NOTE:  This is where we like you to start out.  You will be getting access to more Advertisers and More Offers that make us amazing incomes once you are trained on the basics and once you are working with your Staff Member.

Watch here on “How to Familiarize yourself with Click Partners”.  

posting linksThen go here to set up and access your Click-Partners Account:  ACCESS CLICK PARTNERS  You will be able to access Click-Partners from this LINK.


We also want you to Familiarize yourself with CLICKBANK.  Watch the VIDEO so you can learn how to access and use CLICKBANK.  Then below the video you can register directly and establish your CLICKBANK account.

Watch here on How to Familiarize yourself with CLICKBANK

Create and Account and LOGIN with CLICKBANK.COM – GO HERE

2) Then you want to go into the Posting Site you are looking to Post Ads on.  Look at their Categories and Available Sections you can post offers for.

Watch here on How to Find Categories for Posting on Posting Sites

3) Then you want to create templates for offers that fit within the Categories available on the Posting Site.

Watch here on How to Create a Template For Posting

4) Then you want to post (copy and paste) from the Template to the Posting Site.

Watch here on How to Post from the Template to the Posting Sites

5)  You want to use photos whenever you can to add to your post.

Posts with PHOTOS always pull in more clicks than those without.  Here are some VIDEOS of me getting photos for the photo files.  I apologize ahead of time for the images stopping as I do the recordings… because of the large files when I’m recording the images do not always keep up – but the audio instructions I give you will help! So it is worth at least a listen too.. So I am giving you a few different ones to watch.  So watch these so you can learn how to create photo files…

Here are the steps…

First, (We prefer for this), do a Search for “Item You Are Looking For” Images.  Such as Work At Home Images, or Dating Images, Paranormal Images, Vampire Images, or whatever is going to fit the offer.  Be creative, try different variations…

Second,  When you find a photo, “RIGHT CLICK” with your mouse over it, hit “Save As” and save it to your preferred file location.  I suggest saving them to a location within your Dropbox.  This is what we do.

Third, Repeat as Necessary for each Offer. And Be organized about it.  You will most likely be able to use the same photo file for various offers.  Especially for offers within the same Categories.

Watch Here to see a video on How to locate Images and to Create an Image Folder for Posting

Watch Here to see another Video on Locating and Saving Photos into an Image Folder for Posting

After you have gone through the 2 videos above – you should be VERY GOOD at doing it yourself.  And you’ll want to create a PHOTO FILE for specific needs.

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Even though you have a Membership, we require that you Agree to Receive the latest in Offers and Programs to Link Post.  This email registration will allow you to get information directly from Rory Ricord as to what is working “Today”.  This will allow you to be able to add to your success faster.  And you will be able to directly send and receive emails from Rory Ricord himself.
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  1. Mr. Ricord

    You have been a God sent for me and my family.I personally want to thank you for this oppertunity to change my life, Thank in advance Before And After for my Success!!

  2. this is my first time doing this will my mentor walk me through everything I need to get started will I have the same mentor everytime I need help?

    1. Yes you will… that is the entire process. So they grow with you, and know what you need, where you are at in the learning and execution process!

    1. Bernadette, I’ll have Leslie reach out to you. YES – we absolutely are available in the UK. Link Post Blogging is a global success. Wherever there is the Internet and Google – we are succeeding!

  3. I like all the information that yo give us! Thanks! I look forward to making a lot of money with this program! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I am really looking forward to making this work. I can finally show my wife there is a program out there we can do from home that works. Rory has made it so simply in these video tutorials. Yeah, there is a lot more to learn but the basics are so easy. I can’t wait to get going.

  5. So super excited to finally start working from home! Thanks you for the opportunity to learn so much!

    1. You can use your Name, unless you have a Company. As you get to making more money, many of our students get incorporated. We focus on getting you going, and then build you into Career Incomes. You’ll see when you go through the training. Be sure to get connected with 1 on 1 Support.

  6. Its wonderful what you are enabling Rory! Independence and income generation! What a breath of fresh air and hope for earning while having fun doing it!

  7. About the third time through, a light bulb went on and I see the system. WOW! And there appears to be items for posting which I am personally partial to. I am excited! Thank you,

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