Remote Desktop Support

For those of you working with staff – and using Remote Desktop Support, here are the Instructions for Chrome Remote Desktop:

Installing and Using Chrome Desktop


You must have Google Chrome installed on your computer.

You must be logged into Google Chrome.  (With your Gmail Account or other Google Email Account)


  1. First you need to install Chrome Remote Desktop. Click HERE to get the install for Chrome Remote Desktop. You will screen below.
  2. Click on “Add to Chrome”2.chromeremote
  3. Click on “Add app”3.chromeremote
  4. This part may not be in the same place as this one. You need to click on “Apps”
  5. Once you click on the “Apps” button this screen will show up. Click on the “Chrome Remote Desktop”4.chromeremote
  6. This page will only show up once. Click on “Get Started”5.chromeremote
  7. To share your screen with your trainer. Click on the “Share”.6.chromeremote
  8. You will get a 12 digit number that will change every time that you get out of Chrome Remote Desktop. This will give the trainer the ability to see what is happening or help you setup the program.