For Support – please enter in the appropriate information for getting things going.

If you were asked to get Google Chrome Remote Desktop, please CLICK HERE and get it installed on your Computer.  This will allow our staff to connect with you online.  Very Helpful for directing you and training you.

THEN BE SURE TO ADD CHROME REMOTE DESKTOP so your Advisor Can Remotely Assist and Train you.  This is a MUST.  And its just as good as them being right there with you.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS FOR ADDING THIS TO YOUR COMPUTER

VALID THROUGH JANUARY 30, 2016:  Sociable Referral Program Promotion TRIAL OFFER:  $29.95 for initial month… then $99.95 a month thereafter.


MENTOR:  Rory Ricord

For AHC “Getting Started” 

For WAH “Getting Started”

For HIC “Getting Started”


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5 thoughts on “SUPPORT CENTER

  1. Mr. Ricord, my on line business is very new, just setting things up. I was having issues with setting up the registry on the thank you letter. I called tech support today (9/29/17) and talk with a gentleman by the name of Paul. He was amazing, he understood what I was trying to say. It was a simple fix, and I truly appreciated the professionalism and kind service.

    Thank you,


    1. Phil, Donna Meyers is AMAZING!!! She is definitively a leader. She is an Amazing Student, and Amazing Leader, and Donna is an Online Marketing Cash Machine – she gets it! She is giving herself a RAISE on a daily basis.. its AWESOME. She will continue to teach you the same! Its what we do!

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