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mentor6Now you are ready to get assigned a Staff Member to work with you 1 on 1 to succeed with Link Posting and working online.  Please follow the steps below to get set up and ready to begin progressing with your Mentor immediately.

We work with what works “Today” and will be showing you how to make Hundreds of Dollars immediately.  We will progress with you from there as you are able to continue through the Step by Step processes as you will be guided by your Mentor.

Please follow the Steps below to allow us to Assign you a Staff Member to work with you 1 on 1 through your success here:


GET SKYPE:  Skype is a Free Service offered through Microsoft.  It is known for video chats, though we will be using it for text chats as well as for use in troubleshooting any issues you may have through Screen Shares.  Our Staff Members are Amazing and very Intelligent – and have been hand picked by Rory Ricord to assist you in growing your income through our training.

If you do not have Skype Already:  Go here and download http://skype.com (It is FREE)

Once you have it Downloaded and Installed on your PC/TABLET/SMARTPHONE then add RoryRicord.com as a Contact to your Skype Account.

If you already have a Skype Account:  Then add roryricord.com to your Contacts within your Skype Account.

When you add RoryRicord.com to your Skype Contacts you want to add the following message: “I am a Member of RoryRicord”.

Within 1 business day your Agent Enrollment will be validated and you will be assigned to a Staff Member for you to work with 1 on 1 as you continue towards success here with RoryRicord.com.


dropboxDOWNLOAD DROPBOX (GO HERE TO GET IT – IT IS FREE).  You will need this program to access our files of photos for posting.  We are constantly added photos for the offers that are making money “Today”.  This will keep you up to date with them, and will allow you to save time.  Note: If you already have Dropbox, you do not need to download this program again.

When you get connected with your Staff Member, he or she will get you connected to the Shared Dropbox file allowing you access to everything we use and allowing you to save time.  Dropbox is a Cloud Storage system that we use to share files, templates, and photos with our Members.  

(CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO ON DROPBOX USE) and then (CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO What you can expect with the Shared Dropbox File)


Be accessible to your assigned Staff Member.  Be sure to keep appointments.  They are working with you and for you, and will be guiding you through the success available here at RoryRicord.  They will get to know you, your learning speed and will be there to encourage you along the way.

And should you need any help with anything above, please:


mentor“I have been in the Marketing Industry for over 27 years.  You are a part of something that has taken several years to create… This is my Passion, and My Pride to present to you a way to make money for real online.  This is a system that can work for anyone that follows my training.  To ensure your success I have provided you with Staff Members to guide you through the success process in a 1 on 1 scenario so your needs and understanding can be supported to your individual needs.  I have put my name and my personal money behind the success of this program.  I am a hands on owner – and you have direct access to me if you ever need it.  Do not be surprised if I answer the phone either – I love helping everyone I can, and that is why I built this entire training system.  Each of my Staff Members were hand picked and trained by me personally to deliver the quality and care that I require for my students.  I look forward to guiding you along the way as you succeed with us online.”  -Rory Ricord

Even though you have a Enrollment Agreement with us, we require that you Agree to Receive the latest in Offers and Programs to Link Post.  This email registration will allow you to get information directly from Rory Ricord as to what is working “Today”.  This will allow you to be able to add to your success faster.  And you will be able to directly send and receive emails from Rory Ricord himself.
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