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Welcome to the World of VAPE… and the INCOMES created with this NEW – EXCITING and GROWING Industry.

This program was made possible by several things coming together.  You are able to hear about it here on RORYRICORD.COM because of Rory Ricord’s direct involvement and help in creating this very program.  This program is already a tested and PROVEN system for making money online.  Taking what you have already been taught through you will be able to make some amazing incomes.

We are ready for marketing and promotion, and many things are always going to be updated and added to insure more and more success.  As you may see things that are not perfect, realize that you are at the forefront of this program… the only program of its kind to allow our Members access to the wealth available within this Marketplace of VAPE.  Go out, share your link… get customers and get paid… EVERY TIME THEY ORDER.   Because of the time it takes us to POST and get a foundation of marketing in place… we are pushing this out to our Members with the Program being GOOD ENOUGH.  It will ONLY get better and better!  So now is the time to get going.

When you go and Register (FOR FREE) to be a User of – you will be able to go through the BUSINESS CENTER.  DO THIS… and see how the compensation and payments work.  Basically – you promote it, get registrations and get paid one each and every order… for life.

As we work to share, promote and sell VAPE and VAPE products, we are looking to help Millions globally to QUIT SMOKING, and to START LIVING.

Please keep up with the updates in this section, and this opportunity.  (Look for steady updates – as this is a FAST MOVING program)

FIRST:  REGISTER (FREE) to be a Referring Partner (Affiliate) to  If you are working with a Mentor, be sure to get their Registration Link.  If and when you are assigned to a Mentor – they should be providing this to you.  This allows them to receive direct Compensation for helping you to Make Money with this Program.  Your Mentor will be working with you on this program ongoing, this is a Career Income Program, and it has the potential to grow larger and larger monthly.

If you have not been assigned a Mentor yet, choose a MENTOR below.  If you are working with MyVapeBiz – and you do not have a MENTOR… choose one… then when you get onto SKYPE and add me (User: roryprivate) be sure to put in the COMMENTS that you selected a Mentor – and tell me who.  I will then see that you are added to their Student Roster, and that you are connected to them.  This is the ONLY time you will ever get to choose your mentor like this. -Rory


Rory Ricord – CLICK HERE Currently Not Accepting New Students

Bryan Boyle – CLICK HERE

Matt Uyehara – CLICK HERE

Edison Ricord – CLICK HERE

Clint Ricord – CLICK HERE

Edward Granado – CLICK HERE


Timing is everything… get started ASAP – everything you need to get started promoting this Program is provided below

SECOND:  CHECK YOUR EMAIL and you should have a Registration Confirmation from giving you a Referral URL for you to share MyVapeBiz with others.  This link will look like this: and you will be using this to Make Templates, Post Ads, and sharing it on Social Media.

THIRD:  Promote your Referral URL.  With a program like this, you want to take advantage of any and all methods possible to promote your page.  Below are the top methods suggested for getting your Referral URL out there.  Because this is different than working with an Affiliate Network or Program, you have even more incentive and earning potential – and therefore you can benefit from doing even more promotion.  Specific Click Tracking is NOT YET available within – so you want to make a single TINYURL for ALL promotion.  (SEE “FOURTH” on how to make TWICE the Commissions for this program).


For BEST RESULTS – post using the Link Posting Blogging as seen here: CLICK HERE

See an example of this at or – you’ll want to do something like this…. it works!

FOURTH:  For those that see the amazing earning potential, month in and month out with, you want to get familiar with becoming a BRAND PARTNER.  This is something that is so amazing, that we want you to fully understand some of the differences in being just a Referring Customer (Affiliate) and in being a Brand Partner.  Also, once you become a BRAND PARTNER – you receive a separate URL (such as that allows you the extra Commissions.  These are not small.  Instead of getting 10% of every order from every Customer you directly refer into, you receive 20%.  In addition, only Brand Partners receive 10% of Referring Customers’ Referred Customers (through your entire Customer Base through to the next Brand Partner).

When you promote your link, and the registrations and sales come in… whatever link (Referring URL) is used, will connect you with that commission structure.  If you want the extra pay afforded to Brand Partners, you may want to become one ASAP.  Because as you post, you want to be posting the method that pays you the most.  A Brand Partner can literally get paid on infinite levels of referrals from customers coming into this program.

* So if you started with your Referral Link – and you got registrations and sales… those customers will only earn you 10% of their direct purchases only.  You would be losing out on the additional 10% on their direct orders, and the 10% commission on the referred business from your direct customers.

* If you become a BRAND PARTNER later – and start using that link, your NEW BUSINESS off that link would then pay you as a Brand Partner.

Plus – those doing the HOME TASTING PARTIES have the ability to add 50-100 new Vape Customers a month.  This is a CAREER INCOME program.  But regardless… this is something to definitely consider.  Even if it is for a later decision.  20% is far more than 10%.  And this PROGRAM is very lucrative.  -Rory


FIFTH:  Follow-Up and Customer Care.  (More on this will be provided in ongoing trainings – and as you work directly with your MENTOR).

SIXTH:  CELEBRATE SUCCESS!  This is one of those program where you are in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME.  We have an entire WORLD to MARKET this too… it is a legal product to ship Worldwide, and it is a product in HUGE DEMAND.  What else could you possibly need to see a perfect storm for success!  #VAPEON #VAPEELIQUIDS #MYVAPEBIZ


Even if you do not VAPE, nor have intentions to VAPE – Posting and Sharing your Affiliate Link has Huge Income Potential.  Below we will be giving you several references and details about VAPE, and VAPING.  Having knowledge about programs you are marketing too is always helpful.  Having knowledge about programs that can BY THEMSELVES change your financial future all by themselves, it is a MUST.

Within the NEWS, more and more is coming out to support this “Better Than Smoking” thing we call VAPE.

Research and Data Sites on BIG TOBACCO – “the Enemy”, and who we are promoting against as we promote VAPE.  Everyone we get off of cigarettes and into the life of Vaping – is one less customer for Big Tobacco.  The benefits are literally life changing, and life giving.

Tobacco Data and Statistics: CLICK HERE and see the current, past and forward estimates within tobacco use.

Tobacco Atlas shows how much Big Tobacco is profiting from the Death and Disease caused by Tobacco: CLICK HERE and see for yourself how Dark and Deadly this ENEMY is.  Vape is the Solution.

It is said to be a $Trillion Industry.  And this Industry has a clear DARK and DEADLY ENEMY.  Worldwide, literally $Billions are spent in Tobacco.  VAPE is there to not only take Market Share (which is crazy income potential for us all) but it is here to help in the decrease of Death.  It is time to act.

E-cigarettes could be prescribed by the NHS to help smokers quit, report says CLICK HERE FOR REPORT



WHAT ELSE IS TO COME (In the next coming weeks):

I know you guys are seeing that I have a plan around every program I stand behind.  This is no exception.

We will be creating additional marketing pages and customer acquisition (how to get a client) programs to support this.

Stop Smoking Campaigns:  These will focus on the process of going from Cigarettes (chew, or other tobacco products) into Vape and Vape Products.  This will help in Stop Smoking specific marketing.

Home Party – Getting Started with VAPE Campaigns:  Focused on the newbies and people looking to get started with VAPE.

This is an exciting project… thank you for being a part of it!

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  1. I was a smoker for48 years and after a life threatening illness caused by smoking, I decided to quit. I started using vape as an alternate to smoking. I’ve been smoke free for 2 years. Even my Dr. Approved. Vape definitely saved my life.

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