VyaPay Merchant Processing Support

PAY:  We get paid upon each and every account that is set up, from $100-$500 per – This is an offer you get up, get out there, and let it GO!*  We have ad budgets for views, and it is already calculated in addition to the Setup Commissions in your Brunette Marketing account.

Here at RoryRicord.com we have a direct relationship with a Foremost Authority and Solution for Merchant Processing.  We will be building countless Offer Pages on this Relevant and Searched topic of Merchant Processing and everything that is involved around it.

We have a set situation where we generate the leads, they are followed up with by Professionals, and based upon the size and installation of all equipment we are paid a Marketing Fee for the Client.


Example Offer Pages:


Here are several that are good to focus on.  Create a single Offer Page for each and every Keyword/Keyword Phrase; and then be sure to make the content of the Offer Page relevant to the Keyword.

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RORY COMMENTS:  Square is a competitor to what we do and provide here with our relationship with VYAPAY.  That being said, we can use the keyword searched and the marketing and consumer awareness to bring Square searchers to our pages.

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*Career Option:  If you have experience in working with Merchant Processing, please email rory(at)brunettemarketing.com.  Subject Line:  VyaPay Career