Working with CLICKBANK

Don’t worry if this seems a bit overwhelming… we are going to take it one step at a time.  This can be a VERY complicated system if you rush through the training.  I have been working on the best methods to teach this, and how to use it.

vidplayer2CLICK HERE: Please Watch This FIRST before going through this Section of Training… I want to be sure you understand why I have it set up this way, and I want you to understand were you will be going from getting started, to getting going, to continuing to build.  I also want to make sure you are setting yourself up for huge success.  So let’s do this right without skipping around… Start with this VIDEO – then follow the training in the order provided below.

CLICKBANK (Probably the World’s Largest Affiliate Program)

Now, there are few things to keep in mind when using CLICKBANK.  You have A LOT of options to choose from.  So don’t get too overwhelmed, and be sure to track every ad in every posting site.  When you get one that works, be sure to push it out everywhere.

First, before you set up an account… you need to get educated on what you can actually do with Clickbank.

I recommend using the following (In Order – completing one before going to the next):

actnow3 MAKE MONEY USING CLICKBANK: Click Here this program is a great overview on getting started.  There is a lot to take in, this will HELP.  This is not training by me, but by someone else, that has been cranking it out on ClickBank in a major way for a couple of years now.



FINDING CLICKBANK OFFERS that CONVERT: Click Here this is a great tool, one that is worth so much in saving you time and getting you to making money as fast as possible.

After reviewing both of those, and having at least that information and training — you should now open up your CLICKBANK Affiliate Account.  You want to review this information first, then get set up, then go back and follow it.  This is the quickest way to getting you to both understand CLICKBANK, but to also get going with it.

CLICK HERE TO Enroll as a ClickBank Affiliate – and to be sure you are doing it correctly, watch the video below…



CLICK HERE to watch a short video on setting up your CLICKBANK Affiliate Account.  Simple – yet good so you can get enrolled and get moving on through the training and into actual money making techniques with this program.



CLICK HERE to watch a short video on an Overview with working your back office of your CLICKBANK Affiliate Account.  Quickly learn where to focus, and how to navigate in the “needed” areas of the CLICKBANK back office.



CLICK HERE to watch Rory Ricord use CLICKBANK to make a Posting Template.  Simple – yet good so you can get enrolled and get moving on through the training and into actual money making techniques with this program.



adpostingGet more access to Template Making and further Posting Trainings for CLICKBANK: CLICK HERE

Now that you are familiar and working with CLICKBANK… it is time to step you into the World of Blogging:

NOW if you are working with CLICKBANK and you have been making posts… (at least 500 posts)… then let’s move you through to the training for BLOGGING.

Whatever you think you know about BLOGS or how BLOGGING works… you haven’t seen it as explained by Rory Ricord ever before.  This is where we LITERALLY teach you and show you how it is done.

star5 Get your BLOG WEBSITE set up by the STAFF


star5Get the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools built by Rory Ricord included in everything created for you by Staff


star5Learn how to Create Page after Page of BLOG ADVERTISING for every OFFER you are promoting.  Learn how you can gain Affiliate Commissions from not just POSTS – but from SEO and Search.


Just for starters!!!